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At Kidz Venture Club, we believe that every child deserves a nurturing and stimulating environment to kickstart their educational journey. Our Preschool Program, running from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM, is designed for children aged 30 months to school-aged, offering a unique blend of education, play, and social interaction. With only 20 spots available, our inclusive child care facility ensures that each child receives personalized attention and care.


Key Features of Our Preschool Program


  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum is crafted to cater to the developmental needs of children in the 30 months to school-aged range. We focus on fostering essential skills such as language development, social interaction, cognitive abilities, and motor skills through age-appropriate activities.


  1. Experienced and Caring Staff: Our dedicated team of educators and caregivers are passionate about early childhood education. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere where children feel secure and encouraged to explore the world around them. 


  1. Engaging Activities: Our daily schedule is filled with a variety of engaging activities, including interactive lessons, creative arts and crafts, outdoor play, and more. We believe in learning through play and providing children with hands-on experiences to enhance their understanding of the world.


  1. Limited Enrollment: With only 20 spots available, our small class sizes ensure that each child receives individualized attention, allowing for a more personalized and effective learning experience.


  1. Inclusive Child Care: We pride ourselves on being an inclusive child care facility that welcomes children from all backgrounds, abilities, and walks of life. Our goal is to create a diverse and enriching environment where every child feels valued and included.We also provide Behavioural Interventionist if and when needed with AFU funding available. (assessment must be obtained prior to registration) 

Financial Accessibility: Licensed group daycare by Fraser Health

At Kidz Venture Club Port Moody, we understand the importance of making quality early education accessible to all families. The monthly cost for our Preschool Program is $590. We also offer government subsidies to eligible families, making it easier for parents to provide their children with a high-quality preschool experience.


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Secure your child's spot in our limited Preschool Program today! With only 20 spaces available, don't miss the opportunity to give your child a head start on their educational journey in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

We look forward to welcoming your child to a world of learning, growth, and fun at KV!

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