After School Club

Play-based and inclusive space for all children

At Kidz Venture Club, we take pride in offering an inclusive and play-based space for children's development. We believe play is crucial for learning and creativity. Our approach encourages kids to explore, experiment, and problem-solve through hands-on activities, fostering cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills development.

We promote diversity and a culture of respect among our participants, celebrating differences and encouraging learning from each other's experiences. Our programs also emphasize the importance of sports and physical activities, enhancing motor skills, confidence, and teamwork.

Our qualified staff is dedicated to nurturing each child's unique talents and abilities, focusing on leadership and self-confidence. We offer a variety of activities from racket sports to arts and crafts, ensuring something for everyone and promoting physical, creative, social, and cognitive development. Mindfulness Fridays provide a space for reflection and mindfulness practice, fostering community, focus, and well-being.

Our programs align with the SD43 school calendar, with convenient school pick-ups and government funding support for quality and accessibility.

At Kidz Venture, we create an inclusive, supportive environment to inspire a love for learning, positive social interactions, and lifelong growth.

After School Group Child Care

* Our enrollment is almost at full capacity, we are delighted to welcome children from Moody Elementary including school pickup. Regrettably, our availability for other school pickups has reached its limit, and the only available option at the moment is parent drop-off.

AGE: 5 – 9 years of age.
TIME: 2:30-5:30 pm

Cost per month

$450 3 days a week program
$550 4 days a week program
$650 5 days a week program

Add On Services

Bus Service: $10 daily each trip
Drop-in Club Programs: $50 per day
Late Pick-up Fees: $1 per minute
Babysitting Services: $25 per hour

*Terms & Conditions Apply


KVC Port Moody is thrilled to announce our new service starting Jan 2024.

Group Child Care for children 30 months and above under Fraser Health License. (Preschool)

* Government subsidy accepted

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