Where it all began...

Our story was just a simple idea back in 2005, a concept that has been inspired by the Montessori curriculum and has been evolving ever since.

The idea of Kidz Venture was born as I was pregnant with my second child. Stressing over my motherly capabilities, it was only then my understanding of child development changed, as I entered the world of Montessori. As a caregiver, the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori helped me understand kids’ perspective and how each child learns and understands the world through a child-centered environment, on their own unique journey through greater independence, self-control, and creativity.

As a parent, I wanted to experience life's most meaningful moments with family and friends, to celebrate them together, and to understand and see the world through my child’s eyes and feel it through their laughter.

Kidz Venture is an inspiration stemming from my daughter’s reaction to the world at the age of 2, followed by her little baby brother as early as 18 months. Little Ayah was more of an observer than a doer who enjoyed individual play over group play, at her own pace, in her own space, and on her own time. Yusi was unable to speak until the age of 4. His speech delay did not get in his way nor hinder his love of learning. He slowly increased his vocabulary through playing sports. Sharing a love of tennis and soccer with his father helped his social, emotional, and cognitive development. As a toddler and through kindergarten, we slowly started to notice the positive change; my son become more confident, self reliant, and increasingly aware of his surroundings.

A combination of all these qualities and everlasting experiences inspired me to design an inclusive child-centered space to support children in their learning journey as they achieve their developmental milestones at their own pace. This vision has evolved over the years adding onto the edutainment concept, our Behavioural Therapy Clinic with my awesome sister Zainab bringing in her expertise in the field, leading the the entire program.

Kidz Venture first opened its doors in Dubai back in 2012. 10 years later, we are proud and excited to finally bring Kidz Venture home to Vancouver, where the dream first began.

Much Love,
Mariam and Zainab

         CORE VALUES 
Integrity - Empathy - Trust
2023 Copyright Kidz Venture
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