Meet the team

Welcome to Kidz Venture's family, we are a group of passionate, qualified, and diverse staff members who are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for your child and the entire family.
Mariam Alkassab
Executive Director
I'm a creative specialist with a passion for education, with a track record of impacting over 150,000 students in various innovative businesses related to edutainment, community work, daycares and global charities. As a teacher, mentor, and mompreneur, I draw inspiration from my own children's milestones. I'm committed to continuing my growth by sharing my expertise and extending it to our community through my centers. Education's transformative power is something I strongly believe in, and I'm dedicated to making a meaningful difference. With unwavering passion and dedication, I aim to inspire and uplift others, leaving a lasting impact on those around me while shaping my own extraordinary journey.
Zainab Alkassab
Senior Behaviour Consultant
Zainab is a Behaviour Consultant with graduate certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis and advanced certificate in Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis (DABA). She comes from an academia background with a master in Arts, BA Honors in Sociology, advanced certification in Psychology, and a certified Early Childhood Educator.
Jennifer Bui
Senior Behavioural Interventionist
Jenn is a senior BI working towards becoming a BCBA. Jenn has completed her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at Simon Fraser University, minoring in counselling and human development. She has completed her advanced certificate in Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis (DABA). She is currently enrolled in the graduate program at St. Cloud State University and is pursuing her master in Applied Behavioural Analysis.Jenn has worked with autistic children for over 4 years ranging from ages 2 to 8 and has had the pleasure of working alongside many BCBAs, BCaBAs, SLPs and OTs.
Behaviour Consultant Assistant
Aida is a Junior Behaviour Consultant who has been working with children with ASD since 2018. She finished her bachelors degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis-Autism at Capilano University and is working towards being board certified as a BCaBA. She is passionate about providing a safe and inclusive environment for all neurodiverse individuals.
Behavioural Interventionist
Psychology major has given Ashraf the opportunity to learn and explore the diverse world of behavioural psychology and therapy. Helping people through their hardships and making them feel valued in society, psychology was definitly his calling.His goal is to complete his Psychology degree and specialize in youth counselling, excited to become a counsellor and exploring furhter his passion, especially the intervention aspect of it.
Behavioural Interventionist
Marcel loves supporting and uplifting others, enjoys making a difference in children's life by listening, guiding, and help meeting early years milestone targets. She is working towards completing her Bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in counselling and human development. Then continuing her journey onto a masters program within the Behavioural Therapy and Psychology.
Faris Al-Mudaffer
Head coach
Coach Faris is the co-founder of Kidz Venture Sports, he was with us since the day we opened back in 2012 and has been supporting the growth ever since. He is the founder of Sports Management Solutions, comes to us with over 25 years experience in ball and racket sports.
Admin Assistant
Gandhi's words, "In a gentle way, you shake the world," have profoundly influenced my approach to working with children. Through 15 years of experience and interaction with kids, I've learned that sitting down with a child during a craft or coloring activity creates opportunities for listening and learning. Greeting a child by name and with a smile not only acknowledges them but also instills a sense of value. In my community, I've seen the universal need for encouragement. Whether through mentoring or volunteering, I'm dedicated to providing support and creating a positive, safe environment. These small acts are my way of making a meaningful impact and, in my own way, "shaking the world" for the better.
Play Club Attendant
Introducing Sean, our devoted club play attendant, who consistently infuses every shift with boundless enthusiasm and a child-friendly demeanor. Sean is a dependable team member known for excelling in maintaining therapeutic boundaries when working with children. Her approach is all about laughter, fun, and engaging movement exercises.
Sr. Play Club Attendant
With over two decades of nanny experience, Breta specializes in caring for children from newborns to 12-year-olds. Currently in her ninth year with a family, she assists in raising their four boys. It is clear to see that her passion lies in nurturing children's independence and problem-solving skills through play, as she believes in guiding them on their unique learning journeys. Breta is a staunch advocate for fostering independent learning and problem-solving through play, and she has a deep love for children.
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