Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural therapy originally developed from learning theory, and it is used to treat various mental health disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is based on the theory that all behaviors are learned, and it can be changed if the environmental contingencies which control the behaviour is altered.

Behavioural Therapy for learners with Autism and ADHD

  • 1:1 home and center intervention
  • Social Skills therapy
  • Toilet training
  • Verbal Behaviour
  • Parent Coaching
  • School support
  • Life skills
  • Behaviour Interventionist
  • Community Support
  • Speech & Language Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapist

How we work

The method used in Behavioural Therapy is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which is a scientific approach to understanding behaviour by teaching socially significant behaviors within an individual’s given natural environment. ABA developmental skills focus on the following: Communication skills (expressive and receptive), Social skills, Play skills, Motor skills (Fine & Gross), Self-help/life skills (toileting, dressing, etc.), Self-regulation skills, and Behavior management.

We use age appropriate, play-based activities to teach new behaviours and interrupt inappropriate behaviours. As well, we focus on physical development and inclusion program to ensure the desired behaviours are learned in a natural and motivating environment.
For example, if a child has not instinctively learned to socialize and interact with peers and/or sibling, a behaviour therapist will design an individualized program to specifically teach requesting, sharing, reciprocal conversation, giving etc. by contriving opportunities in a naturalistic setting (e.g., playing basketball) where children can develop friendship with peers and/or strengthen sibling’s play interaction.

By using video modeling, role-play scenarios and theory of mind, children will develop self-esteem, have greater confidence in fostering new friendships and maintaining it as well look forward to play dates, social activities with family, school, and community events.
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Behavioural Services Offered

  • Behaviour Consultant
  • Speech; Language Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Behaviour Interventionist at home, center, community, extra curriculum activities, camps, school, and daycare.
  • Early Intervention Program for Infants; Children (EIPIC)
  • Camps
BCBA $145 an hour
BC, BCaBA and JBC $120 an hour
BI center $60 an hour
*BI home, community, school and/or daycare $50 an hour
BI camps (external) TBD
*Transportation fee may apply

KVC collaborates with external professionals to provide specialized services like occupational therapy that focus on sensory processing differences and speech; language pathologist that supports with communication challenges, such as producing speech sounds correctly or fluently (e.g., stuttering a form of disfluency), voice or resonance, and teach alternative communication (e.g., American Sign Language ASL & Augmentative and Alternative Communication AAC).

External Collaboration
  • Kidstart Pediatric Therapy (OT) *$160 an hour
  • All Children Speech Therapy (SLP) *$165 an hour
  • *$35 admin fee is added for each booking.

We are dedicated to providing one centre to serve parents and caregivers for all their behavioural services needs. We collaborate with Strive to Thrive and Impact Counseling Group.

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